by Aspect County

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As the phrase goes, time waits for no man” – the passing of time may be unstoppable, and no man has enough power to stop time or change its course, but we are able to capture those special seconds, minutes and hours of the day with a stylish timepiece on our wrist. Whether it’s the everyday passing of time or an important event or special occasion, in which the telling of time is of utmost importance, a watch is there to remind us of moments in our lives. 


During the 19th century, Britain was leading the watchmaking industry, revered for producing more than half of the world’s finest watches, Clerkenwell, London was the watchmaker’s hub. As time passed Britain couldn’t keep up with America and Switzerland’s mass production however, we now have a new era of pioneering watchmakers. 

Giles Ellis is one of those horologists and quite possibly the only one based in Sussex. Residing near Steyning, under the South Downs by the River Adur, Ellis’ company, Schofield Watch Co. has been making fascinating watches steeped in British charm and eccentricity since 2010. Their watches are made (as much as possible) in the UK, created with much thought, great skill and dexterity and in small, limited editions. 


The latest timepiece in the Schofield collection is the Treasure Watch. This watch comprises of a polished steel or gold-plated brass case with a black dial and limited to just 29 pieces, making it an extremely special and quite a rarity to own. 

The notion of treasure, whether to hoard it or share it has been a Schofield conundrum from the start.”

These watches can also be customised, customers are invited to be involved in the process and choose what treasure hoard they would like engraved on the back of the Treasure Watch to make it as unique as they are (pictured is Sutton Hoo (sold)). Schofield Watch Co. also take commissions of limited edition runs for commemorative watches.