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CHASH – The Fine Tea Co


Importers & retailers of tea from around the world

Working in national newspapers, Dan Rook wondered why broadsheets were considered poor value for money, yet people would pay a higher price for a cup of coffee. Despite the growing trend for quality, well-sourced food and drink, Dan found it confusing that tea – our national drink – was not part of this shift towards excellence.

Confident that better tea must exist, Dan decided to do some research. Industry reports from the British Library (where Dan’s blend is now served in the Members Room) hinted at an untapped demand for speciality’ teas. After weekends in shopping centres, where he’d quiz anyone with a coffee cup in their hand (what about tea?), he began the long quest to source better tea. 

CHASH unofficially launched in 2010 with a series of summer Tea Parties’ followed by a bitterly cold and snowy winter market stall. In 2011 Dan sold his last newspaper and turned his future to tea.
Within two years Dan’s ran out of space in his flat to store tea, so the tea moved to a warehouse in north London. He couldn’t afford to keep his flat, and he moved in with the tea. By 2015 he was able to move out the warehouse and watch telly free from boxes of tea. Today, his incredible mum works tirelessly beside him for minimum wage.

I’m hoping that in some small way CHASH is meeting the demand for luxury tea. After all, – If Tea Makes Everything Better’ shouldn’t we be drinking better tea?”
CHASH tea is served in cafes, restaurants, and hotels, as well at theatres and museums around the world. The CHASH English Breakfast Gold is blended in London by their own hands; and their Earl Grey 1833 is blended exclusively for them.

On the back of its success in hospitality, CHASH is now launching its range of premium tea in the retail sector. They own and produce Sherlock Holmes Tea which is a blend of sophisticated English Breakfast tea, a pinch of a smoky black Lapsang Souchong tea from China, and blossoms of Ginkgo and Elderflower; as well as Tropical Tea which tastes like a Caribbean Island in a cup: a spicy and sweet blend of lemongrass, coconut chips and pineapple with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and clove – best served chilled. 

Dan holds regular 5‑session CHASH Tea Academy courses at the British Library, resulting in a Tea Guru Certificate. His depth of knowledge, and obvious love of the subject, mean his training and support is consistently of the highest quality.