Food & Drink
by Aspect County

These days, there is a plethora of information about healthy eating. From TV shows to dietary cook books, we have so much choice now that our knowledge of good food has never been better – or so you would think.

With the ethnic diversity we have here in the UK and the wide range of types of fruit and vegetables available is truly inspiring and brings out my culinary creative side!

Here are some lovely refreshing drinks for the summer – healthy, tasty and very colourful to brighten your day in every way.

The Pink Drink: Pink and pretty


1 large beetroot – washed, trimmed and cut in to quarters
2 small ripe bananas – peeled 
1 sweet red pepper – washed, trimmed, de-seeded and chopped
1 large ripe mango – peeled and chopped


Juice the beetroot and pepper


Add the juiced ingredients to the blender
Add the Banana and Mango to the blender
Blend all together
Add 1/3rd water to the mixture if preferred

Fantastic colour and so refreshing.
Great for the diet as very low in calories

Tiby’s Notes:

Remember, blending is better than juicing so when you can, use the blender instead.
If you only have a juicer, don’t worry, just juice all ingredients then add the
water after.

If you only have a blender, don’t worry, just peel the beetroot well and blend everything – it just won’t be as clear, but it will be very healthy and just as tasty.

The orange one: Tasty carrots


1 large ruby grapefruit, peeled and chopped
1 ripe bananah5
2 carrots – washed and trimmed
2 inches of whole ginger root


Juice the Carrots and Ginger


Pour in the juiced Carrots and Ginger into the blender
Place the Grapefruit and Banana in to the blender
Add water or coconut water to add more liquid – as much as you require

A healthy morning wake up, that is sweet, tangy and very refreshing.

Add ice to chill.

Tiby’s Notes:

By adding liquid, you dilute the mix to your own taste. I prefer a very long’ drink, rather than a smoothie.

You can also juice everything, however, I like to keep the goodness of some of the ingredients by blending – it keeps some of the natural fibre that juicing does not. By watering it down, you lose the intensity of natural sugars, so making the drinks even more healthy.