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Dunkerleys of Deal

Deal is suggested the jewel in the crown of White Cliffs Country. Planted front & central to it is Dunkerleys Seafood Restaurant & Hotel overlooking the sea bedecked with a wonderful floral display which is complimented within the square by The Kings head & Port Arms. As our summer days extend there is a warmth of activity that offers their visitors & locals the opportunity to chill out. With vast selections of fresh seafood and joyous offerings of cool beers, ciders, wines & a mixology of cocktails. Sounds like a picture postcard? well yes Deal is steeped in history with many landmarks to remind us of its maritime past.

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Dunkerleys rose from a small humble café restaurant The Pegasus‘ way back in June 1987. An inspiration of Ian & Linda Dunkerley. Ian had risen from his early days in the kitchen at the Famous Browns Hotel in London’s Mayfair to jointly running a small hotel group across Kent & Sussex as Director of Mermaid Cellars & shipping, so it was no surprise that Dunkerleys was to evolve from its humble beginnings in 1987 to a Restaurant with six rooms by 1994. Then in 1997 purchasing The pub next door on the corner and changing it to an informal bistro to complement the restaurant one year on in 1998. Building a further 10 bedrooms & creating a 16 bedroom 3 star Hotel collecting awards along the way & achieving southeast best small hotel in 2000 The Millennium. 

In 2005 Dunkerleys was involved with District Council helping to create the very popular space in front known locally as The Square‘ it came to fruition in 2007 & has been an integral part of Deals social scene to this day. It has needed creative minds to evolve the business model to accommodate its popularity. 

Working hard behind the scenes Linda is herself a jewel in the crown of Dunkerleys, from supporting Ian front of house in the early days to bringing up their four children of which Ben their son is now the Head Chef. The three girls Katie,Laura & Grace have all put their time in but have all now moved on to follow their own passions in the arts- singing & dancing. Ben Married to Holly with their daughter Kairi remains an integral part of Dunkerleys today and a stable future.

In 36 years a lot of water has passed, wading through three recessions, successfully taking on the banks through difficult times, reaching and surpassing many milestones along the way Dunkerleys continues to sit proudly in 2023 which is a testament to its self to evolve in this industry. Ian reminds us the race for quality has no finish so line don’t ever think you’ve arrived. Dunkerleys Stands amongst a few select establishments that hold true to that statement