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From energetic to adventurous, what your favourite snack flavour says about you!

It’s well-known across the UK that Brits have diverse tastes when it comes snacks, and currently, the average adult regularly consumes a snack at least twice per day. Research has revealed that when Brits were quizzed on what made the perfect snack – flavour was most popular with 48 per cent, while 35 per cent said it needed to be something you’d look forward to eating. Leading food psychologist, Greg Tucker, has today revealed what your favourite snack says about your personality!

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As some of us may enjoy something savoury, others may opt for something sweet. Some may like salt and vinegar crisps whilst the same would turn the stomachs of others. We rarely think about the choices we make when it comes to flavours and tend to follow our senses without giving a second thought whilst observing others taking a completely different route down the snack isle. But new findings have revealed how our favourite flavours could divulge a lot more about us than just our snack preference. A person’s favourite savoury snack is the gateway to getting to know them better, as well as an easy and fun way to find out more about their personality without asking. 

Insights show Brits who like a spicy kick in their snack are deemed to be adventurous, whereas those who enjoy classic salt and pepper are more authentic and down to earth.


The food psychologist, who has partnered with beef jerky brand Jack Link’s, says, In such an emotionally rich environment, we should not be surprised how much flavour choices play in revealing insight into our mood and personality.

Spice: The Searchers
Do you always fancy spicy snacks? You’re likely to be adventurous and often seek excitement in your life.

Soy: The Fifth Dimension Decoder
In recent years, soy has become a popular flavour in many savoury snacks. And if this is a flavour you normally reach for, you’re likely to be enigmatic, mysterious and flirtatious.

BBQ: Mouth Music
A complex flavour, if the tangy note of BBQ is your thing, you’re most likely to be fun, upbeat, and optimistic.

Teriyaki: The Changing Chameleon
If you get cravings for teriyaki, this suggests your unique, often standout from the crowd but easily adaptable.

Chilli: The Macho Animal
Love to taste the heat in your beef jerky, you’re likely to be powerful and an aspiring leader.

Salt & Pepper: The Authentic Individual
Do you want beef jerky seasoned to perfection? Your personality is authentic, honest, confident, and down to earth.

Peri Peri: Modern Stylist
The popular spicy flavour suggests you’re cool, collected and always in control.

Sweet: Pleasure Chaser
If you’re looking for a snack that has a savoury sweetness, Greg reveals you’re likely to be calm and innocent.

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