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by Aspect County

Hoxton Gray Cocktails

Small batch, expertly crafted cocktails for you to enjoy at home

My party pack of cocktails have arrived and hold the promise of a great tasting’ evening: Spiced Pineapple Daiquiri, Quarantini, Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Margarita, Porn Star Martini – all premixed and decanted into 500ml bottles. All that needing doing was provide the appropriately dressed cocktail glasses.

After years serving cocktails to guests, the expert mixologists from Coxtails (a group of expert mobile bartenders) decided to make their own cocktails available to everyone. That’s when Hoxton Grey was born. The team created the perfect blend of premium spirits and fresh ingredients to make the best cocktails around. They started Hoxton & Grey during lockdown, which is home delivered (in 100 percent recyclable packaging), so none of us had to go without.

Rest assured, what goes into each bottle is exactly that which a top mixologist would put top into your cocktail – nothing else is added. Personally, as with most cocktails, I find them to be on the sweet side, so temper it down a touch by adding a Fever Tree tonic mixer.

What I’ve noted with great interest is Hoxton Grey’s monthly subscription Cocktail Club (£19.99, including delivery). I quite fancy the idea of having a different premium bottled cocktail delivered to my door every month. I’m also told they’re working on providing a further line up of interesting cocktails. 

Written by Cindy-Lou Dale