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Only Coco: Crafting Artisanal Chocolate with a Global Soul

In the heart of East Sussex, a small artisanal chocolate brand known as Only Coco has been quietly making waves in the world of fine chocolates. With a passion for flavour and a commitment to ethical sourcing, Only Coco has become a beacon for those seeking not just delicious chocolates, but also a connection to the global community of cocoa growers and artisans.

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A Taste of Only Coco
At the heart of Only Coco’s mission is a dedication to flavour. They believe that chocolate is more than just a sweet treat; it’s an experience. And that experience begins with the very best ingredients sourced from around the world. Only Coco is committed to using natural ingredients to create the finest chocolates imaginable.

Single-origin chocolate is a cornerstone of Only Coco’s offerings. This means that the cocoa beans used in their chocolate come from a specific country, region, or even a particular estate. The uniqueness of these origins lies in the combination of climate, soil, and cacao farming techniques, each contributing to a distinct flavour profile. When you enjoy a piece of Only Coco chocolate, you’re not just tasting chocolate; you’re embarking on a journey to the very heart of the cocoa’s birthplace.

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A Commitment to Ethical Sourcing
Only Coco’s dedication to flavour is matched by their commitment to ethical sourcing. They understand that the cocoa industry has its challenges, including issues related to sustainability, fair labour practices, and environmental impact. To address these concerns, Only Coco works tirelessly to ensure that their chocolate is sourced from producers who prioritize their local communities, the environment, and fair wages for workers.

By partnering with such producers, Only Coco ensures that their chocolates not only taste exquisite but also contribute to positive change in the cocoa-growing regions. It’s a commitment that goes beyond making delicious treats; it’s about making a difference in the world.

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A Local Artisan with a Global Vision
Only Coco may be a local artisan brand, but its vision extends far beyond the borders of East Sussex. With manufacturing facilities in Rye and two charming shops in Rye and Hastings, they have established themselves as a beloved part of the community. Yet, their ambitions reach further.

The brand aspires to expand its presence, opening new shops and increasing its network of stockists throughout the UK and even abroad. Only Coco’s journey has only just begun, and they aim to share their exceptional chocolates and their commitment to ethical sourcing with a wider audience, inviting more people to savour the flavours of the world through their chocolates. 


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