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In the UK we are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to the selection of foods we have on offer. Our tastebuds can certainly be taken on a foodie adventure but sometimes it is the traditional foods and methods that we recall and yearn for, and charcuterie is one of those practices. A French term in origin, charcuterie is the art of preparing and assembling cured meat products, it has become a popular staple on restaurant menus and when entertaining at home.

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At Owley Farm, not far from Wittersham, in Kent you will find the world of Moons Green Charcuterie, a band of people in the heart of the Weald who are dedicated to the art of making British charcuterie. John Doig, a former pig farmer and adman, and Ian Jones, a sheep farmer and former butcher, head the team at Moons Green and are obsessive about animal welfare. They make by hand saucisson, salami, air dried hams, bresaola and are inventors of the tasty pub snack called Beer Sticks. 

Beer sticks copper candle plus beer sticks pack

Their Beer Sticks are becoming ubiquitous. Boasting great flavours with a surprising tickle of chilli, a few seconds after you thought you were safe. They’re the kind of snack that get parties started, and once you’ve had one it’s tough to say no to a second.

With Christmas on the horizon, one taste of their Christmas ham is enough to take you back to a day when the ham was a significant part of festive food, something to be enjoyed beyond Christmas carols and crackers. Glazed with a honey, mustard and Scotch sauce it’s an instant hit, succulent and rich in evoking memories. Equally importantly these hams become the heart of the best ham sandwich you ever tasted, something you can enjoy on Boxing Day and for a few weeks after the Christmas fire has gone out. All you’ll need is a little mustard!


Another taste sensation is their wild venison saucisson. The meat is sourced from a local gamekeeper in East Sussex and is tempered with sour cherries and whole pistachio nuts, for a luxurious salami appropriate for the most decadent of appetisers. Like all of their saucisson it takes over a month to produce, and mature, resulting in a gentle subtle flavour combination that has earned a place in Michelin restaurants.

One critic called Moons Green, Right at the forefront of the emerging British charcuterie movement. These are products that can compete happily alongside the best of European cured meat.’

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a foodie, a hamper, or cooked ham then take a look on their website. The Christmas shop is now open.