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Recipe from Webbes Restaurants – Butternut Squash Bavarois

Butternut Squash Bavarois
400g of butternut squash
185ml of double cream
185ml of milk
3 egg yolks
35g of caster sugar
3 gelatine leaves

To make the Bavarois, preheat the oven to 170°C/Gas mark 4. Put the squash into a roasting tin, cover with foil and bake until soft.

Once Cooked boil the double cream and milk, add the roasted squash and blend until smooth. Pour the mix onto the eggs and sugar and return to the pan. Heat slowly until the temperature reaches 82˚C

Soak the gelatine in cold water till soft, then drain it and add to the Butternut mix in the pan. Stir well and pass through a fine seive, then pour into moulds and set in the fridge 

Poached blackberries
To make the poached blackberries, bring 185ml of water and 75g of caster sugar to the boil, add the berries. Remove from the heat, cover with cling film and leave to go cold.
150g of fresh blackberries
185ml of water
75g of caster sugar

Apple Purée
2 Bramley apples
30 g Caster Sugar

Peel and cut Bramleys, add sugar and cook until soft keep stirring and slightly caramelise, purée and pass through a fine sieve

Spiced Apple
To make the spiced Apple. Peel and cut apples into wedges, bring 185ml of water and 75g of caster sugar to the boil with the spice, add the apples and make sure they are immersed in the liquid. Poach until cooked. 

3 Cox Apples
• Star anise
• ¼ cinnamon stick
• Cardamom. 
3 Peppercorn 
1 bay leaf
185ml water
75g caster sugar

Apple Sorbet
750 ml fresh juiced Granny Smith Apples
325g Caster Sugar
5g vitamin c powder

Warm one third of the apple juice, add the sugar, heat until the sugar has dissolved, add vitamin c powder and churn in an ice cream maker.

To serve the dish, spoon a little apple purée across each plate, de-mould the Bavarois placing carefully in the centre, finish with the poached blackberries and Apples.

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