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Showstopper dining – The art of tablescaping

If like me, you take great delight in decorating the dining table for Christmas day, you may be equally as fascinated as I was, by the concept of tablescaping. The trend of dressing up the dinner table in a showstopping, eye-popping, elaborate way, taking the concept of dressed to impress to a whole new level.

Narnia 1

There was a time when bringing out the best crockery, linen napkins and perhaps a candle or two was enough of a display for a special occasion. Nowadays it’s a case of the host with the most as tables are bursting to life with layering of crockery, grand glassware, flowers and knick-knacks galore to make the table look inviting however dramatic you wish to take it. 

Christmas is a great occasion to be braver and really get creative. Decorate the table with plenty of festive items, including mini trees, sprigs of berries, lights, baubles, table gifts exquisitely wrapped and plenty of sparkle! Place cards are another nice touch to finish the festive table. 


It is very easy to get carried away with beautiful decoration, but always keep in mind that your guests still need to eat, drink and converse with ease, so make sure there is plenty of room for the necessities and that people can still talk and see each other across the table. So, whilst placing items of differing heights add for interest, make sure they don’t overwhelm the central areas and inhibit conversation. 

If you don’t feel you have the creative flair to tablescape, but want to create a magical Christmas table, to make your guests gasp with delight then the team at Dress for Dinner, who are based in Sussex, can help. Their joyful collections of stunning designs include Narnia, Yule and Sugar Plum. Individual decoration sets of candles, novelty characters, napkin bows and more, can be purchased from their website plus a full boxed tablescape including everything you need to wow your guests. Simply unwrap and lay out to transform your table for the most important meal of the year. 


Sugarplum 2