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Sustainable furniture

Rarely a day goes by without environmental concerns making the headlines, including the UK’s ambitious net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions target. We are all very aware of the origins of the food we eat and the economic ramifications of the clothes suppliers we choose, however the furniture industry seems to have so far avoided the spotlight. This is surprising considering trees are openly acknowledged as being a pivotal part in the health of our planet. Paul Salmon, owner of David Salmon Furnishers, tells us how he is making his business more sustainable and how our choice of furniture could impact the environment.

When my customers are looking for a new piece of furniture for their home, the list of criteria often includes comfort, style, finish, price and sometimes brand. It is natural to want our furniture to look and feel good at a price which fits within our budget; however the origin of the product rarely comes into consideration – this is an area that certainly needs to be addressed.” 

I am disappointed to say that having spent many years building a reputation for our superior craftsmanship, hardly any cabinet furniture is now made in the UK. As the desire for cheaper products takes hold, a substantial percentage of furniture production is now based in the Far East. Although a considerable amount of the wood supplied to the Far East is from certified US sources, the carbon footprint of the end product cannot be ignored. Afterall, when the chain starts in the USA, manufacturing takes place in China, and the final product is shipped to the UK for sale, that’s a long journey!”

Rect din oak

Paul says in recent years he has made a concerted effort to make a change. He has two main considerations when sourcing suppliers; where the supply of the raw product (wood) originates, and the furniture’s carbon footprint. His commitment to this has meant that he now only selects suppliers of wood products based in the UK or Europe. By using these suppliers, Paul knows that they must adhere to very strict regulations, with assurance that the wood is from a sustainable, certified source and it has not had to travel too far.

Some choices are certainly greener’ than others when it comes to furniture, David Salmon Furnishers are dedicated to not only offering quality and original design but to selling sustainable furniture with provenance. You can visit the showrooms in Eastbourne and Cross in Hand to browse an impressive selection of sustainable furniture.

116 South Street Eastbourne, 01323 722921 

Wealden House Cross in Hand, 01435 863921