Food & Drink
by Aspect County

Tibbs Farm

Nestled just west of Rye, explore the beautiful grounds of Tibbs Farm and take-home fresh produce. Founded by Ken Wheeler in 1956, the farm has a rich history of growing hops, fruit, and raising sheep. Despite changes over the years, Tibbs Farm has remained true to its roots, still growing hops commercially and offering a variety of fruits.

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In 1976, Tibbs Farm introduced Pick Your Own (PYO), allowing visitors to pick and freeze fresh fruits, a novelty at the time. Although the popularity of PYO farms declined with the rise of supermarkets, Tibbs Farm adapted by focusing on providing a unique experience. They now grow diverse fruit varieties, including Boysenberries and Tummelberries, and pride themselves on the taste and quality of their produce.

In 2020, Tibbs Farm opened a café overlooking the Tillingham Valley, serving breakfasts, light lunches, and homemade cakes. This café also showcases the farm’s produce and has introduced new ventures such as a small herd of pigs, a Beech hedge maze, and guided farm tours. The farm also offers seasonal treats like asparagus, PYO pumpkins, and home-grown Christmas trees.

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The PYO fruit season at Tibbs Farm begins in early June with strawberries and gooseberries, followed by a variety of other fruits. Visit their website or follow them on social media for updates and more information.