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by Aspect County

Under the Tuscan Sun


Casanuova delle Cerbaie Winery Montalcino, Italy

Whilst looking for something different amongst the usual famous names in Montalcino, positive reviews drove me to the small, artisan-like winery of Casanuova delle Cerbaie, which is far from regional tourist hot-spots.

Simone is waiting for me, and immediately make me feel at home, without neglecting the professionalism that distinguishes him in the cellar visit. He speaks of the wonders and flavours of the soil, of conservation, maturation, and the route from vineyard to bottle, which delivers an impeccable Brunello. 

In the tasting room, with its fairy-tale views of lush green vineyards and azure blue skies, a light Tuscan lunch is served, alongside four bottles of refined, near hand-made wines.

The wines are delicate and complex, each with a thousand nuances. But it’s the Brunello di Montalcino (2015) which surprise and excite me the most. Cherry in spirit, with raspberries, red plums, pomegranate and elderflower notes. The background of wet earth gives it sensory richness, elegance even, complete with silky tannins and a light finish. However, the intriguing Rossa Toscana IGT is nothing short of delicious with its spicy notes of red fruit, cherries and earth.

The whole way through the tasting Simone continues an animated discussion, speaking of the exceptional vintages and the passionate Montalcino wine story.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more captivating landscape to savour the flavours, aromas, and green Tuscan hills, which are ladened with plump, ripe grapes – except of course should you chose to visit in autumn, when the vine leaves change in colour to gold and red. Well, that’ll be my excuse for another tasting.