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18 budget gardening ideas for 2023

Gardening pros are sharing 18 budget-friendly garden tips for 2023 so green-fingered Brits can spruce up their outdoor spaces on a budget. Outdoor experts have revealed their top gardening ideas for the new year which cost little to apply but make a big difference to any outdoor space. With prices of goods continuing to rise due to inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, it can be difficult to upgrade an outdoor space without spending a fortune.

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One of the most popular hacks from last year which remains in trend to transform gardens into a contemporary space is to buy £10 worth of black paint to coat existing fence panels rather than spending hundreds on new luxury panels. 

To avoid a heavy bill for your garden materials, following budget ideas such as spray painting pots and creating a tree arch made from sticks can have equally rewarding results for a fraction of the price.

A spokesperson from Garden Buildings Direct said: Lots of us are setting new year’s resolutions to save as much money as we can and stick to a budget in every aspect of our lives. It’s been a challenging past year for gardeners looking to transform their outdoor space, as everyday costs have been soaring over the last six months

With both inflation and the cost-of-living crisis due to continue rising into 2023, it is adding pressure onto people’s budgets. Many are hesitant to splash out on expensive materials

This is why we wanted to share 18 budget-friendly tips for homeowners to use in the new year so they can create a beautiful outdoor space without having to worry about a heavy price tag.

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Here are 18 budget gardening ideas for 2023 

1. Spray-paint plant pots
A can of spray paint can upgrade the look of existing garden plants for a few quid. Clean the terracotta posts first before spraying on, otherwise it can look like a rough paint job.

2. Garden wellies for plant pots
Grab a pair of wellies which you no longer use and turn them into unique plant pots to save on investing in new ones. Opt for painting the wellies in blue and pink to spruce up the look.

3. Fairy lights for outdoor lighting
Light fixtures can be an expensive investment, for a cheaper option get a pack of fairy lights for £8 and wrap them around sheds or tall garden plants. If you can, place them in a location where they’re not likely to get wet.

4. Fresh coat for garden furniture
Existing garden furniture could look revitalised after a makeover. To save money, make the most of what is already there with a fresh coat of paint that could bring new life to the look.

5. Bring dying plants indoors
Lots of outdoor plants won’t survive the winter so bringing them inside keeps them warm so they can continue growing without getting frost damage. Also get rid of any dead leaves, buds and roots to help plants last throughout winter so you don’t need to buy new plants come springtime.

6. Bottled lights
Instead of buying rows of outdoor lights, get some glass bottles and fill them with battery-operated lights to create a cosy outdoor environment for a fraction of the cost.

7. Pebble pathway
First, remove the grass and soil from the planned pathway and then fill the space with crushed stone and pebbles along the flat surface. This is a cheaper and less labour-intensive alternative to expensive stone paths. You’ll just need to make sure you have enough cover material.

8. Food scraps
Leftovers surprisingly work well to provide nutrients and moisture to the soil. Banana peels work great in this field as well as vegetable peelings. Place them in and amongst the soil and let them do their work.

9. Paint designs onto concrete
Grab a design such as one with snowflakes where you can spray paint the pattern onto outdoor concrete slabs. Make sure to pressure wash the concrete first.

10. DIY small pond
Ponds can be one of the most expensive additions to a garden, so making a DIY one can cut the price in half. Dig up the space and landscape the surroundings, then create a waterproof barrier and fill the pond up.

11. Coffee grounds
In the colder months, sprinkling coffee grounds can make grass appear fresh and green. It’s cheaper to do this instead of forking out on new, artificial grass.

12. Accessorise the ladder
While it can be unusual to leave ladders out in the garden, you can use them as a tiered plant stand and colour-coordinate each shelf differently.

13. Paint fence panels black
A simple paint job on garden fence panels can give the space a contemporary look for a tiny spend compared to digging it out and buying brand-new panels.

14. Grass cuttings
After mowing the lawn, use grass cutting as a cheaper alternative to mulch as they work just as effectively in preventing weeds from ruining garden plants.

15. Add colour to flower beds
Flower beds with a splash of colour can instantly give a facelift to the garden and make it stand out from the crowd. Pinks, yellows and oranges can make the space look more uplifting and inviting to guests.

16. Gravel patio
Building a gravel patio is a great, cheap way to create a new feature for your outdoor space. Gravel is one of the cheapest materials to use and it costs considerably less compared to bark or tile fixtures.

17. Make crafty outdoor lanterns
These stylish light fixtures will cost less to run in the garden compared to plugged-in options. It’ll also save on the monthly electric bill, especially as prices are set to continue to rise throughout 2023.

18. Re-purpose Christmas chocolate boxes
Make use of the chocolate boxes leftover from Christmas by using big tubs to store odd bits and bobs laying around the shed. Boxes which have dividers and small sections can be used to organise smaller things like screws.