by Aspect County

Autumn Warming

A fire pit, the perfect focal point to create a warm atmosphere on a chilly night

Although the daylight hours are shortening, dramatic clouds punctuate the vibrant skies with hues of pink, red and purple to create a remarkable evening spectacle. Sadly, we often miss this striking time of year, as it’s too cold to stay outside in the garden. Even for those toughened to the colder weather sometimes adding another layer of clothing or a blanket just isn’t enough.

A fire pit is the perfect autumnal addition to the garden, as the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop. Wrapped in a blanket beside the glowing flames of a fire pit, all toasty and warm, is a great way to still enjoy time outside in the garden, whilst creating the ideal atmosphere for inviting friends and family over to toast marshmallows and sip a hot chocolate or mulled wine.

They make a fantastic centrepiece in the garden, providing a focus for any outdoor space and a sociable area in which to gather all year round. Most fire pits can be left outside whatever the weather, giving the added bonus of not needing storage space when not in use.

With a wide range of burners and fire pits readily available, Round Wood of Mayfield have a size, shape, and colour to fit any garden, balcony, or terrace. With the help of their Autumn Fire Pit Guide, decision-making will be easy.

Top tips for choosing a fire pit include:

  • Think about the surface of where you want to locate your fire pit. Ideally, it should be placed on a fire-resistant surface to minimise any risk. If you don’t have a fire-resistant area in your garden and you’re choosing a fire bowl, make sure to raise it off the ground with a stand.
  • Try to think about whether the burner will be left out all year round or stored away when not in use. It will be easier to move a bowl and stand than a bigger fire pit.

Spark Fire Pits
Available in sizes 60cm or 80cm and in a choice of colours of black or rust, Spark Fire Pits are not only stylish but lightweight and portable too. It’s the ideal fire pit where outdoor space may be limited and they make a unique Christmas present. After the simple assembly of screwing the legs on to the bowl, you’re good to go. 

Logs, kiln dried firewood and Eco Nuggets are most suitable for this product.

Corten Steel Curved Fire Bowls
Available in sizes 60200cm, the Corten Steel Curved Fire Bowl is the perfect low maintenance garden feature. With holes for airflow when lit, and drainage when not in use, this fire bowl can be left outside all year round. As the Corten Steel bowl weathers and oxidises it will develop from a blue steel to a striking rust colour. This is a natural process and increases the durability of the product, meaning it has a higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion than other steels. The bowls can also be paired with a selection of stands in different heights and styles depending on the look you’re after.

Any solid fuel can be burnt in the Curved Fire Bowl including wood, charcoal, briquettes, and coal. 

Limited Corten Steel Burners
If you are looking to add permanent WOW factor to your garden, you may want to consider a fire pit from the limited range. The Flama, Toro, Magna, and Minima fire pits are all Corten Steel burners, and will follow the same weathering process as the Curved Fire Bowls.

Keep the fire roaring with a stylish storage solution such as the Knotted Log Basket to keep your logs and firewood close by. Handmade with intricate motifs, they are the perfect storage solution and accompaniment to any fire pit or burner.

Round Wood of Mayfield offer much more than burners and fire pits, with a wide range of quality timber products, oak framed buildings, garden features and planters available too. They sell directly to the public and are open Monday – Saturday (although they are currently only open to members of the public with arranged appointments due to restrictions in place).

The Pot Company who are the sister company of Round Wood of Mayfield supply many of the UK’s leading landscape designers with planters, fire pits and water features that are seen at top RHS shows and exhibits across the country. The Pot Company also supply Round Wood, which means that Round Wood customers have access to the same products as award winning designers. 

Logs, kiln dried firewood and Eco Nuggets, are available to purchase from Round Wood and a full guide on the weathering process of fire pits can be found on their website.