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Balmoral Castle’s Gardens: A Colourful Journey

As this month we have a bumper edition of local castles and Royal fleets so staying true to form we wanted to explore the gardens of the Balmoral Castle. A beautiful Scottish estate located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It has been a private residence of the British royal family since 1852, when it was purchased by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The estate covers 50,000 acres and includes a variety of landscapes from mountains and forests to rivers and lochs.

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The gardens at Balmoral Castle are a stunning feature of the estate, and they are a must-see for anyone visiting the area. The gardens are divided into several different areas, each with its own unique character and charm. The castle is a popular tourist attraction and is open to the public during summer months, so it’s definitely worth a visit if travelling to the area to explore the wonders of the grounds which include a variety of out buildings and structures to formal gardens near the castle and more naturalistic gardens further afield including a number of walking trails and hiking paths. A popular route is the climb up Lochnagar, a mountain that is over 3,000 feet tall.

The formal gardens near the castle are perhaps the most well-known. These gardens were designed by Prince Albert in the mid-19th century, and they feature a variety of colourful flowers, neatly trimmed hedges, and ornate fountains. The centrepiece of the formal gardens is the Italian Garden, which is a beautiful sunken garden with a central fountain and a series of terraces.

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Beyond the formal gardens, there are several other areas to explore. The Pinetum is a collection of coniferous trees from around the world, while the Waterfall Garden features a series of cascading waterfalls and a tranquil pond. The Rock Garden is another highlight, with its winding paths, rocky outcroppings, and colourful alpine plants.

One of the most unique features of the gardens at Balmoral Castle is the Walled Garden. This garden was originally used to grow vegetables and fruit for the castle, but it has since been transformed into a beautiful ornamental garden. The Walled Garden features a variety of flowers, including roses, dahlias, and delphiniums, as well as a collection of fruit trees and a greenhouse.

Throughout the gardens, there are several benches and picnic areas where visitors can relax and enjoy the scenery. There are also several walking trails that wind through the gardens and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Overall, the gardens at Balmoral Castle are a beautiful and peaceful oasis in the heart of Scotland. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or simply looking for a relaxing day out, the gardens are a must-see attraction that should not be missed. 

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