by Aspect County

Bee Bombs – You can help bring the bees back!

Since WW2, 97-percent of natural bee and butterfly habitat has been lost in the UK. It’s frightening and critical. With your help, we can start to restore the lost wildflower habitat and make an important contribution to the biodiversity of Great Britain.

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Hand made in Dorset, Beebombs are a mix of 18 British wildflower seeds, fine, sifted soil, and locally sourced clay. Our seeds are native species and designated by the Royal Horticultural Society as Perfect for Pollinators.’

Beebombs need no gardening skill and can be scattered straight onto open ground (but soil is better) at any time of the year. Once scattered, you don’t need to water or tend your Beebombs. The soil will help your Beebombs germinate and the clay will protect them as they dissipate. Lots of sun and rain is of course important t, as is time.

Beebomb wildflower seeds cost £8 and are available from Houses of Parliament Shop