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Hottest outdoor living trends

Get your garden ready for summer with the hottest outdoor living trends including outdoor kitchens and vibrant furniture.


The great outdoors and outside spaces have become more important than ever before, in the last few years, and according to industry experts for bespoke outdoor living areas, 2022 sees homeowners going to even greater lengths to bring the inside out. By creating a natural flow between an indoor living space and outdoors area it makes outside hosting easier and more inclusive, especially when combining an entertainment space with dining area. Wellbeing is also an important consideration, woven into everything from the pleasing tactility of natural furnishings to the calm lighting and scents that flow across our outdoor spaces.

Smart master of meteorology
2022 will be about making outdoor living spaces smarter in every sense. Embracing outdoor tech can mean using smartphone apps to do everything from changing mood lighting to controlling weather-resistant smart TVs and projectors, or integrated surround sound AV systems.

In terms of appliances, Wi-Fi enabled BBQs, grills and smokers means cooking can be done to exact specifications direct from a smartphone. Smart fridges can be installed in outdoor kitchens as well as Bluetooth controlled heating features, such as fire pits and wireless smart heaters.

Homeowners looking to go the extra mile can also consider high-tech canopies. Enabling use year-round, the canopy blades can be adjusted at the touch of a button to track the sun or tilted to catch a breeze. Rain sensors can also automatically close the roof to keep from a passing rain shower.

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Zone in to zone out
Inside the home, a family can often be found dispersed throughout the rooms, this all changes when it comes to outside space, an inviting garden can pull everyone together. With a vast list of covetable features which can be used to enhance the environment, including LED mood lighting, sound system, hot tub, sauna and a grilling and entertaining space to name just a few, it can create a multi-generational space for all to enjoy.

Bird song and ambient lighting can go a long way towards creating a sanctuary that delivers an escape from modern-day chaos. Edible climbing plants, herb walls built into and around outdoor kitchen and dining spaces and planters overflowing with flowers that fill the area with relaxing scents all create a space that feels harmonious and natural. A space where firing up the smoker or charcoal barbecue, or grilling over the fire pit delivers an earthy, glamping-style experience that acts as a sensory detachment from daily life. 

Love the great outdoors all year round
Winter doesn’t have to mean we’re confined to spending time indoors. Far from it. From bespoke outdoor fireplaces and firepits to infrared heaters placed in optimum locations, Outdoor Kitchen Expert create outside entertaining spaces that families love spending time in all year-round. The team are skilled at designing outdoor living spaces that deliver ultimate luxury, shaped around the desires and preferences of each individual family. From bespoke bars and kitchens to luxurious pampering and wellbeing areas a bespoke outdoor living space can bring a sense of holidaying at home as well as adding value to a property. 

Outdoor Kitchen Expert, based in Cobham Surrey, supplies ultimate luxury outdoor living spaces that can be used year-round. Their bespoke designs incorporate everything from outdoor kitchens and bars to pampering and wellbeing areas nestled beneath handmade pergolas, with practicalities such as hard landscaping, heating and irrigation systems all part of the service. 

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