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Keeping plants warm during the colder months

Houseplants need to be kept warm over winter to ensure they stay healthy over the colder months and thrive into Spring. Despite being inside, plants are still vulnerable to dramatic temperature changes throughout the day, causing the soil to freeze and thaw. 

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This process could result in heaving, where the roots become exposed, exposing the indoor plants and putting them at risk of disease and withering. 

Tips to keep plants warm include insulating your plant pots with bubble wrap and investing in space heaters or heat mats to keep the warmth contained for indoor plants. 

Unusually, another tip is to make use of the fridge. This kitchen appliance does produce some warmth out of the top, so by keeping plants there the fridge can act as a useful heat mat at no extra cost. 

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Remember to ensure plants aren’t over-watered — they’ll require less water than in the warmer months, but do still need watering especially if kept in a humid and dry room. Using a water mister can help with this. 

A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: Whilst we try and keep ourselves warm this winter, don’t forget to also care for your indoor plants as the colder temperatures set in. Whether you are moving some plants from the outdoors in, or caring for indoor succulents, it’s important to keep them warm this winter. 

There are several budget friendly ways to keep your plants cosy, like using some of that bubble wrap you might have lying around. Wrap it around your plant pots and the air in the bubbles will keep the heat in. Of course there are also options which are more expensive, but also very effective. Investing in heat maps or space heaters will keep your indoor plants warm year-on-year. 

Unusually, keeping plants on top of the fridge can also help preserve heat, and of course chasing round the sunlight in the warmest room in your house is another great tip for this winter.”