Health & Beauty
by Aspect County

A Little Lift Looking inside Angela Langford beauty cupboard

A Little Lift is Angela Langford’s plumping and firming face serum, bursting with botanical super ingredients like electric daisies, pumpkin seeds, frankincense, argan, and hyaluronic acid which nourish, refine and hydrate.

It leaves your skin feeling soothed and pampered. You’ll love the hydrating qualities of this serum. It smells gorgeous too — good enough to eat; and you only need a small amount. This is truly a little piece of heaven, that’ll leave you glowing all day. And the tingling sensation after application is a sure sign that the magic is happening. 

This fast-absorbing serum is a staple in the Angela Langford beauty cupboard. Sometimes used alone for a well-saturated sheen, other times as the base for Thirsty Work. Apply this day and night without fail. It’s a seriously good potion.

Should you be considering a change to using natural skincare products, this is the brand you’ll absolutely love. 

Angela Langford’s products are beautifully packaged and presented, but also personalised to your own skin type and its various requirements. With your order, Angela sends mini samples of her other products for you to try out.

Each item comes with an accompanying leaflet explaining how you should use it, what ingredients are in each product, and a bit about each ingredient. The personalised letter that accompanies the items is another lovely touch to help you get the most from your samples.