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by Aspect County

A minute can make a difference

At some point in our lives, we may need to think on our feet and come to the rescue of someone in need of urgent medical assistance. But do you feel confident in knowing the best procedure to carry out? It may only take a second to call 999112 and the target response time for an ambulance being 8 to 12 minutes but within that time the condition could prove fatal. With basic first aid knowledge a life could be saved before the medical services arrive.

Research shows that only 5%, or one in twenty people, feel confident in their first aid knowledge and willing to intervene in a life-threatening emergency to help someone who is perhaps bleeding heavily, choking or has fallen awkwardly.

Make a change and save a life
The good news is that with the right training we can all help save someone’s life. Modern first aid courses aim to instil confidence in the participant and at the same time encourage discussion and practical experience. Whether you are a carer, first-time parent, therapist or need to learn first aid for the workplace, First Aid For You offer courses which cover a variety of situations. 

First Aid For You are a network of independent first aid trainers, registered with the HSE through accredited and approved first aid training providers. They offer tailormade courses, across Surrey, Kent and Sussex, to suit any individual and their requirements. The courses are informative and hands on and aim to give people the confidence to help others in those few vital minutes after an accident, before the emergency services arrive.