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Bee Yourself, Naturally!

Do you find that many of the skincare products you have tried in the past are too abrasive and leave your skin feeling worse than it did before you put the cream or lotion on? Are you often questioning why your skin feels dry even when you moisturise? It may be the ingredients in the products you are using, which are causing the damaging effects on your body.

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With a history of eczema and sensitive skin, and a background in chemistry, Julie Macken, Deputy Queen Bee at Neve’s Bees, has long been somewhat obsessive about the ingredients in skincare. It was only when studying for a qualification in Herbal Medicine did she realise why the products she had previously been using simply didn’t work for her. 

Basic chemistry
All skincare creams and lotions combine water (aqua) and oil and whilst there’s obviously nothing wrong with putting water on your skin, the chemicals added to the water are not beneficial. All skincare items which list aqua as one of the ingredients must contain a preservative to prevent bacteria. It is these chemical preservatives that can be responsible for most adverse skin reactions to beauty products. 

Water-free products
The reason many people switch to buying natural products is out of a desire to use products that don’t contain preservatives. This is where water-free products come in, as chemical preservatives are not required in water-free skincare items and no water also means more room for lots of lovely nutrient-rich ingredients.

Neve’s Bees is a family-run business making award-winning, totally natural and water-free skincare in their workshop in West Oxfordshire. The Neve’s Bees story started with Julie and her daughter, Neve, making a few fun lotions and potions’ blending their wildcrafted beeswax with pure natural plant oils, butters and botanicals. We soon realised that we could make a comprehensive range of beautiful skincare products for face, body and hands using only truly natural ingredients that felt so much better on the skin than the stuff we’d previously been buying!” said Julie, Deputy Queen Bee. 

One of the key missions at Neve’s Bees is to help bring back the wildflower meadows, a really important biodiversity and a key source of nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinators, as well as breeding grounds and places of safety. Sadly, the UK has lost over 97% of its wildflower meadows since the 1970s – Neve’s Bees aims to redress this and donates 10% of their profits to wildlife causes and gives away bee-friendly wildflower seeds with all qualifying orders

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