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by Aspect County

While men dream of six-packs and bludging biceps, the ladies of the world have been setting their sights on getting a peachin’ booty this summer.

Yes, it seems like everyone and their mother is trying to build those glutes and obtain the round, peachy bum we all see those Hollywood actresses – Scarlett Johansson, we’re looking at you – and Instagram fitness gurus flaunting.

But how do they do it? Well, let’s begin with a little known booty fact. The buttocks is actually made up of three tight-knit muscle groups – the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. To build and strengthen that bum, you need to be working each of these muscle groups. Most of the booty building exercises that we are familiar with focus on the gluteus maximus muscles. While this is the biggest of the muscles groups, focusing on these muscles alone isn’t enough to get those perfectly round cheeks.

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite workouts for building that booty. And guess what? There isn’t a squat in sight.


Hip raises
Lie with your upper back supported on a bench with your feet planted on the floor, around shoulder width apart. 

Hold a barbell across your hips. Lower your hips down so that booty almost comes in contact with the floor. Press through those heels and thrust your hips up, making sure to squeeze those glutes tightly. 

Repeat 515x for 3 sets.

Go Pro: Add a resistance band around your thighs to increase resistance. This will also help keep your knees positioned outwards, allowing you to really target the abductors. 

Swiss ball leg curls
Lie on your back on an exercise mat, with your feet up on a swiss ball. Lift your bum and hips up so your body is in a straight plank position (from the shoulders down). Roll the ball to your booty with your feet, making sure to squeeze those glues before rolling the ball to the start position. This exercise will engage those hamstrings.

Repeat 15 x for 3 sets.


walking lunges
Target those glutes and those hamstrings – because well, if you’re building that booty you will need the legs to support it. 

Stand with your arms to your sides. Begin by keeping your left leg still and step forward and laterally over your right leg. Make sure to keep your chest high and your back straight. 

Pro tip: Hold dumbells in each hand for an extra burn

Side lying hip raise
Lay in your side, placing your forearm down on the floor. Rest your other hand on your hip. Bend the bottom leg at a 90-degree angle. Straighten the top leg so it is parallel to the floor, keeping your foot flat (no pointed toes, ladies). From his position lift the hips up and down, keeping your core tight, stomach in and ribs down. 

When trying out any of these exercises, make sure to keep your mind in the muscles. In other words, think about your booty. This will make sure those muscles are engaged for your workout. 

Written by Aspect 
Health & Beauty Editor Samantha Allaker