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Cosmetic comments

This month three clients of the Bella Vou cosmetic surgery clinic in Tunbridge Wells share the results of their surgical procedures in their own words.

Debbie, 50, Concept Facelift
I work in the beauty industry and so I always try to look my best. However, as I approached my 50th birthday, I noticed that sagging skin around my jowls and neck line were making me look old and tired. I was in the process of planning my wedding and, as an older bride, I was desperate for a procedure that would give me a fresh new look but without a long recovery.

I saw Amir on a BBC documentary which showed him performing his pioneering Concept Facelift on a client. The procedure was exactly what I had been looking for; it was carried out under local anaesthetic and promised rapid healing, minimal bruising or downtime, very little scarring and natural looking results.

After my consultation, I took some time to consider my options before deciding to go ahead with the Concept Facelift. My time in theatre seemed to fly by! The local anaesthetic injections were a little tender, but the rest was a breeze. My results are truly amazing; I love my profile, my jowls and neck line have been smoothed out and I now have a beautifully contoured face. I am very excited and happy that I will be feeling confident when walking down the aisle and having gorgeous snaps to remember my special day!”

Gabriella, 53, Eye Lift
I have always had very heavy upper eyelids; however, over the last three years gravity has really taken its toll. My eyelids were drooping onto my eyelashes, which made it impossible for me to wear mascara or eye shadow. I looked so much older than I felt and I was mortified to be mistaken for my son’s grandmother when picking him up from school!

When I met Amir, I instantly clicked with him, I knew he was a surgeon I could put my trust in. As Amir had pioneered procedures, I knew he would work his magic in theatre, especially as he showed me many before and after pictures of past patients, which completely put my mind at ease.

My experience in surgery was exactly how I had hoped it would be. I was awake during the procedure, but the easy conversation and having a friendly hand to hold totally distracted me from any discomfort. Amir suggested removing 2cm of skin from each eyelid (which is A LOT)! I looked in the mirror and even though I had stitches and slightly puffy eyes, I could instantly see my results. I could hardly contain my happiness and it’s all thanks to Amir and his amazing team!”

Jane, 46, Tummy Tuck Surgery
I chose to have a tummy tuck because I was extremely self conscious about the way my tummy looked. After three pregnancies, my muscles were slack and no amount of dieting or exercise would give me back my pre-baby belly. It affected the way I dressed, and the way I felt about myself. I didn’t feel healthy or comfortable in my own skin. 
Having done some research into tummy tuck procedures, I decided to book a consultation appointment at Bella Vou because the online reviews were really positive and people spoke very highly of the work Amir undertakes.

Amir took the time to explain all the potential complications and he reassured me that any scars would be hidden by my clothes and would fade away over time. The surgery was carried out under general anaesthetic, and when I woke up I was so excited to see what my new body looked like!

The results are absolutely fantastic, I didn’t realise how young I’d look! My stomach is tight and flat again, the way it was before I had my babies. It’s been a massive change for me; it’s a fantastic feeling to be able to wear whatever I want, rather than having to put things back on the hanger because they don’t suit me.” 

To read more patient stories from real clients at the Bella Vou clinic you can visit www​.bellavou​.co​.uk/​p​a​t​i​e​n​t​-​s​t​ories or contact the clinic to enquire about cosmetic surgery procedures.