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Couples that train together stay together

Most of us will not feel like we have done valentines day properly if it did not involve over indulging on our favourite foods and treats, perhaps alcohol consumed and a late night to bed. That being said we don’t always need to fit in with the status quo if it is outside your comfort zone. For some of us, keeping up with regular fitness regimes and sticking to plan on your diet can be more rewarding than the typical spread of chocolates, sweet snacks and lounging. 

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As its Valentine’s Day why not make the effort to include your partner or special person in your fitness activity. You could replace your exercise for the day to something a little spontaneous like Tennis, badminton and other racquet sports – the possibilities are endless and the joy of all of these sports is you will both get a good cardiovascular workout whilst being able to brag about being king or queen of the court. Our country is blessed with thousands of national parks and well mapped walking paths that are there waiting to be enjoyed. Why not make it a date and take a peaceful walk with your partner, just the two of you and finish the walk off with a romantic picnic.

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You may be surprised just how fun exercising with your partner can be so fitness is not just for Valentine’s day, it’s for life! One of the key components to maintaining an active lifestyle is to have the support of your partner. Not just moral support, both of you have to get out there and get working! Exercising with your partner should be fun so try and think outside the box when it comes to exercise, try new activities that will challenge you both and help your overall health and it might just improve your love life! 

Written by Damon Robinson