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by Aspect County

Energy, love and healing

For thousands of years humans have felt energy beyond the physical. We are all familiar with the warm feeling we get when we love someone, or the way we feel charged-up when we hug someone special. We may even feel a buzz, or a high, when we walk barefoot on the earth. All these feelings are part of our connection to energy. Reiki is the Japanese term for this universal life-force energy. And Reiki energy is the magic that Rosalind uses, coupled with her own natural healing instincts, to help heal her clients. Rosalind calls this Reiki energy unconditional love. In her private Love Evolution energy sessions, she channels unconditional love, helping clients to open their heart, heal, and rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul on their journey towards becoming their best self.

Rosalind named her business Love Evolution because her practice helps people to evolve through Love. During her energy sessions, clients lay down in a relaxing, comfortable environment, while Rosalind tunes in to her intuition, and begins her work. Sometimes she uses singing bowls, which resonate at a particular frequency, which are said to aid ones’ own vibration and assist with energy flow through the body of those who hear the sound. She also sings, and uses natural herbs like sage, in her work. But the real power lies within her hands, and her breath. As she meditates on her breath, she tunes in to her higher self, and asks for divine love and light for you. Then she carefully and intuitively lays her hands over and above your body. You may feel a warmth as the energy is stimulated within your being, or some people experience a cold sensation under her hands. But everyone experiences deep relaxation, and a feeling of comfort and safety. 

Having recently received her Reiki level 2 Attunement certification, Rosalind has added to her natural abilities that she has worked so hard to hone and cherish. She is now able to channel this remotely, allowing her clients to be worldwide. Whether you’re in a hotel on a business trip, on holiday in Hawaii, or cosied up at home, you can book your session with Rosalind and begin your spiritual healing journey. 

The energy will help with what you need, when you need it, in the dose you need it.” 

- Rosalind Rose

Rosalind is also a keen writer and publishes her poem on her website as well as social media. Her practice is evolving, as we all are, so keep a keen eye on her stunning website, and social media offerings, to follow the next chapter. 


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