Health & Beauty
by Aspect County

We’re not talking about those old wives tales your grandma used to tell you to try and get you to eat your vegetables. No, we’re talking about common health myths that people follow and share every single day. 

Nothing beats cardio
It’s a myth that’s driven many people to spend countless hours on the treadmill. Yes, cardio is a great form of exercise. It burns a lot of energy, which means it can be very beneficial if you’re trying to shed a few extra pounds.
However, this does not mean it is the most effective type of exercise. The word cardio comes from cardiovascular, which is the circulatory system – heart and blood vessels. Cardio workouts target this system, raising your heart rate and getting your blood pumping around your body. 
It’s best to switch up your workouts and challenge your body in new ways. We always recommend finding a couple of activities that you enjoy, as you’re more likely to stick with a routine you like. Consistency is key.

Drink eight glasses of water a day
Numerous studies have shown that drinking a glass of water when thirsty may be enough to keep you hydrated. In fact, most of us get a fair amount of our daily water intake from fruits, vegetables and other beverages, such as tea, coffee, juice and other soft drinks. 
If, however, you exercise regularly or spend a lot of your time in highly heated areas, such as a greenhouse or spa, you will need to drink more water.

Natural sugars are healthier than processed sugars
In fact, scientists agree that the biological effects of processed sugars are pretty much identical to those of natural sugars. The problem with products containing high levels of processed sugar isn’t the sugar itself but the quantities of sugars and fats commonly found in them.

Let’s compare the nutritional value of a chocolate bar to a granola/breakfast bar. Though both contain sugar, a honey granola bar isn’t better for you because the sugar is natural, its because it’s made with nutrient-dense foods such as whole grains, fruits and nuts. Meanwhile, in addition to being loaded with sugar, the chocolate bar is also chock-full of saturated fats.

We have just five senses
We’re told from a young age that humans have 5 senses — sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing. In reality, we actually possess a lot more, including balance, time, nociception (pain receptors), as well as proprioception, our sense of self-movement and positioning. Aren’t humans cool?

Cracking joints leads to arthritis
We all have a friend who likes to crack their knuckles. Perhaps you are that person. If you are, you’ve probably been told that cracking your joints can cause arthritis. This is not true. While the sound made when craking joints can be alarming, it’s nothing to worry about. The sound is created by a small pocket of gas being released from the layer of fluid (synovial fluid) separating any two bones.

While cracking your bones is not considered harmful, if you experience any pain when cracking joints’ please consult your GP

Written by Aspect County Health and Beauty Editor Samantha Allaker