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by Aspect County

Human beings need structure … goals, a diet – they have the reason but they can’t do it until they apply some ridiculous’ – like climbing into the clouds, running for days.
Eating sensibly and moving effectively is FAR too sensible, FAR too easy. It needs a (read in American accent) colour-coded-diet-plan, it’s red it’s green ketone blood type – Slim Watchers, Thin-Fast, Lighter-Legs, body blasting disco spinning HIIT-A.

Buying blocks of ten (I really mean business, I bought ten!) personal training sessions with a PT’ that phones you up and asks if you’re still up for it in the morning. Well done, you managed to cram all ten sessions in a whole year, but somehow still have two left to take in the new year.

It’s no wonder why people never start, why we need new years resolutions; DryJanuarys, Stoptobers and De-Choxes.

Motivation is the surest way to stay focused. Nearly all of the greatest tasks in life are tests to our motivation. Facing challenges and achieving success requires focus; and this means we need to be responsible for our own motivation. People who are motivated towards achieving their goals are focused towards success.

If you still think you can do your own fitness yourself then you are NOT ready for us (unless you are an athlete, we train lots of athletes).
When everything else you have tried has failed, you are ready for us.
You pay us to tell you what to do and how to do it effectively.

Educate us in your motivation, convince us, make us understand it and we WILL then deliver your goal, in a healthy, safe, educational and sustainable way. Stop tolerating your current norm, build effective training and nutrition into new healthy lifestyle habits and never look back. Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs in more detail and START NOW! We can give you ridiculous’ in 10 weeks, we have the start date, we’ve got the end date so let’s focus on that. It’ll be supported, it’ll attainable and sustainable but it doesn’t have to be stupid.. 

Written by Martin Dilworth
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor
t: 01324 327465
w: hard​fit​ness​.co​.uk
e: info@​hardfitness.​co.​uk