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How to change one thing

The complete guide to doing your bit to fight food waste and support local

December 2021 saw the Change One Thing campaign draw to a close and Produced in Kent have rounded up the twenty top tips to help fight food waste, boost the local economy and encourage and support more sustainable behaviours around food. 

Chief Executive of Produced in Kent Floortje Hoette comments, How people think and behave towards shopping and sustainability has and will continue to change. Reverting to shopping locally for food during the height of the pandemic made people think more about where food comes from, how it is produced, and how its production impacts the environment. If you make a change every month and then embrace another change the following month, these cumulative changes will hugely benefit the county by providing jobs, preserving our beautiful countryside and reinforcing community values.” 

It’s a new year and the right time to make a change. This collection of tips can help. 

Eat smarter

Eat the seasons – Support local farmers by enjoying seasonal food. Low in mileage, high in quality, nutrition and freshness. 

Buy and eat smarter – Only buy what you need and cook the appropriate portion size to reduce food waste and save money. 

Love your leftovers – Warm leftovers up the next day, freeze them or give them a second life by reimagining yesterday’s dinner. 

Plan your meals ahead of time, so you only buy what is necessary and reduce the amount of waste. 

Five a day – An easy way towards your five a day would be to whip up a summer or winter pudding with seasonal fruit. Also, a great way to use up stale bread. 

Cook smarter

Grow your own – It’s so rewarding to watch seeds and plants grow, to produce fruit and vegetables for all the family to enjoy.

Think sweet and savoury – Use carrots and courgettes in cake recipes, they add great texture and sweetness and help use up those last few hiding in the fridge. 

Spice up your life – with a world of flavours and different cuisines. Use local ingredients, or locally made sauces, if you don’t have time to make a dish from scratch. 

Reinvent a classic – Revisit classic recipes such as bread and butter pudding utilising ingredients you might already have, eg stale croissants or brioche for a lovely buttery taste. 

Compost your food scraps – Start your own compost or use the council food bin or apps such as Share​Waste​.com to find a local compost. 

Live smarter

Shop local for life – If residents of Kent spent £10 per week on local produce, we could put £415 million back into the local economy per year. 

Reusable – Switch to a reusable water bottle and invest and or reusable coffee cup for your takeaway coffees. 

Get milk delivered – Don’t forget, many local dairies still deliver. 

Help local minimum waste’ heroes – Try environmentally-conscious places to eat out. And if you can’t finish your plate, make sure to ask for a doggy bag for tomorrow’s lunch!

Try food sharing apps – If you really do find yourself with food that will go to waste for whatever reason, why not try food sharing apps like Olio. Or give it to a neighbour!

Shop smarter

Bring a bag – Avoid plastic waste and invest in good quality reusable bags. 

Buy in bulk – Reduce the amount of packaging used by buying dried goods such as pasta, rice, or lentils in bulk. 

Mind the label – To keep food miles low, check the label. Support local produce growers and farmers. 

Order your fruit and veg to be delivered – There are many local farms who deliver straight to your door, supplying locally produced seasonal fruit and veg, bread, eggs and more. 

Buy gifts or flowers online from local boutiques.