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by Aspect County

No more thunder thighs

Are you unhappy with your thighs? Do you have excess skin that doesn’t seem to budge? Well you’re not alone! For many of us who work hard in achieving the body we desire, we can be left with unsatisfactory results. The feeling of achievement can be overshadowed by the dreaded excess skin that is left behind.

Why may I need a thigh lift?
● Aging
● Gravity
● Fluctuations in weight
● Loss of skin elasticity
● Loss of tone in the thighs

If the body’s skin has been stretched for long periods of time, or beyond its natural dimensions it may not bounce back as it once did. This can be for many reasons such as weight gain, pregnancy and even natural growth. Unfortunately, it can leave hanging folds of loose skin in certain areas, something that even exercise would be unable to banish!

A thigh lift procedure aims to remove excess skin or fat from the inner thigh helping to improve the symmetry and contour of the inner area. This is an excellent way to achieve firmer, more attractive upper legs.

What are the benefits of thigh lift surgery?
● Boosted self confidence
● Reduction of excess skin
● Improved body contour
● The ability to wear clothing more figure revealing
● Helping create a more proportioned figure
● To feel more youthful
● Improved appearance of the skin

Specialists at Bella Vou are able to assist you with the finishing piece to your sculpting journey! Stop looking at yourself in the mirror in a negative light and get the body confidence you deserve!

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