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Q&A with Whyte Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are the latest development in mountain biking. Electric mountain bikes (aka e‑MTBs) are just like regular mountain bikes, but with a specially integrated battery and motor system. When you pedal, the motor kicks in to provide you with extra power to help you turn the pedals. They are available in hardtail (front suspension only) or full-suspension (front and rear suspension) models to suit your needs.


Q: What is so good about them?
A: Electric mountain bikes can help you get up the hills with ease. This means you can easily overcome any fitness barriers and enable yourself to ride for much longer. They can also level the playing field” when several people of different fitness and ability ride together. Riding e‑MTBs is a great thing to do with friends and loved ones. They are also just a lot of fun!

Q: Where can I give them a go?
A: At Quench Cycles in Bedgebury Forest, there is a fleet of Whyte branded electric mountain bikes that can be hired to ride on the specially built Bedgebury mountain bike trails. These-top-of-the-range machines are fitted with Bosch motor systems, which are renowned for their performance and power. The Whyte e‑MTB range is high quality, safe, and importantly, fully compliant with UK law.

They have four different riding modes; each offers a different level of power to give you as much or as little assistance as you want. The Quench team can help advise which one is best for you, set you up, and get you on your way.

Q: Do I need any experience?
A: You’ll need to be comfortable riding a bike, operating brakes, and changing gears. The trails at Bedgebury Forest are easy to intermediate graded. You will need to be comfortable riding on gravel and dirt surfaces. To start with, you might want to hit the blue graded Family trail, and then progress to the red trails as you hone your abilities. If you are more of a beginner and interested in leisurely exploring, then you can also go for a ride on the network of bridleways in the forest instead. These are wide gravel tracks with no technical features. 

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Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Quench provides the bikes and helmets. You just need to turn up in comfortable and breathable clothing suitable for outdoor activities, ideally activewear. Trainers are the preferred footwear; hiking boots don’t tend to grip the pedals very well.

Q: What happens if I try it and love it?
A: This is almost guaranteed! Of course, you can come back as many times as you want to hire the electric bikes, and Quench is open year-round. But if you decide that you want to invest in an electric bike of your own to enjoy when and where you want, Quench has a full-service bike shop on-site, and they are more than happy to sell you your very own e‑MTB. Ownership is made as carefree as possible, as Quench handles all necessary servicing and warranty work at their Bedgebury and Flimwell bike workshops. They can recommend and supply suitable racks for bike transportation on your car should you require it. And if you’ve completely caught the bug and want to improve your skills fast, why not join one of the Quench coaching sessions?