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Regain body confidence

If you’ve spent summers avoiding baring your legs due to unsightly varicose veins, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. This common condition affects around a third of the UK population, and the warmer months can bring a raft of problems for sufferers, with heat exacerbating any symptoms. The autumn and winter months are one of the best times of year to have veins treated, as this allows time to fully recover ready for the spring/summer of the following year, giving you those much-desired beach ready’ legs.

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Vein health and alleviating pain
Varicose veins occur when the delicate valves inside a vein become faulty and are blocked. Usually found in the legs or feet just below the surface layer of the skin, they can cause unsightly and uncomfortable bulges.

Higher temperatures make all veins dilate, particularly on the surface of the skin. This is part of our body’s natural temperature regulation, but as this process occurs, varicose veins can swell, intensifying any pain. 

Although a family history of vein issues can play a part, pregnancy and being overweight can be contributing factors in developing weakened veins. Older women are susceptible, as are those with a job that involves long periods of standing.

If you are a sufferer, you may have tried to alleviate any pain through lying down, elevating your legs or experimenting with non-medical treatments such as compression stockings, which can feel uncomfortable when the temperature rises. These tips only offer short term relief, so seeking out medical treatment is one of the only ways to resolve the issue long-term.

When to see your GP
See your GP if your varicose veins are causing you pain or discomfort, the skin over them is sore or the aching in your legs causes irritation at night. Your doctor may then refer you to a vascular specialist and for an ultrasound scan.

Regain your confidence
If you can’t bear yet another summer of discomfort, sweltering in trousers or feeling embarrassed by your legs, why not regain that confidence and get in touch with an expert today?

Benenden Hospital, near Cranbrook, is the largest provider of veins treatment in England* and its Consultant Vascular Surgeons have been at the forefront of innovative techniques in varicose vein surgery for over 20 years. As a team, they pioneered the use of lasers in vein surgery and are frequently invited to speak at national and international venous conferences. 

Fast access to minimally invasive treatment
Benenden Hospital offers minimally invasive Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), a 30-minute walk in-walk out procedure without any major skin incisions. The CQC rated Outstanding private hospital performs over 1,000 of these operations per year. 

Less painful than open surgery, EVLT allows for a faster recovery and return to normal life. It is performed under local anaesthetic but can also be performed under general anaesthetic — and you’ll be able to go home the same day.

Get your smooth legs back
If your unattractive veins are eating away at your self-esteem, seek treatment today and stride into next summer with confidence.