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by Aspect County


Float for your mind, body and soul

Now the stressful festive season has passed its time to begin the new year afresh. It’s always good to start a year as you mean to carry on. Even if all other good intentions get slid to one side, one thing you must maintain is a happy mind and body. All too often in our busy lives we don’t make time to fully relax and relieve all tensions. If we begin to take time out for ourselves, not only will we be happier and calmer but more productive as well. When we are relaxed, we can see clearly and deal with things more effectively. 

Soul Spa Float Centre, Bexhill, is a family run wellbeing centre which provides a tranquil environment for Floatation Therapy and Infrared Sauna sessions. In your own private room you can find a place of serene relaxation with your own shower for pre and post treatments. Complimentary refreshments are provided in the relaxation room post float, with chairs designed for your rehydration and relaxation time after a sauna.

Floatation Therapy
Flotation Therapy is simply the act of drifting into a meditative state, in a tank filled with warm highly concentrated Epsom salts, which rejuvenates your mind and body. Epsom salts, high in magnesium, are known to be an affective panacea and help with stress relief. Drift off and let go of all tension in your body as you are held completely by the water. Tranquil music can be played, you have full control of the light, and can decide whether you want to be fully cocooned in the pod or left with the lid open. Floating has a whole host of benefits for your mind, body and soul, these include relaxation; better sleep; injury or training recovery; deeper state of meditation and a healthy nervous system regulation.

Infrared Sauna
The Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is beautifully made from eco-certified Canadian cedar wood. Infrared saunas use infrared light waves to penetrate the body and heat it in the same way as light from the sun, but without the harmful UV rays. As it gently heats the body, it makes you sweat like a traditional sauna but feels much more comfortable because the air around you isn’t hot. The sauna includes the option of medical grade cromotherapy and there is a Bluetooth speaker connection available, so you can listen or watch something while you relax and let the sauna and light therapy do the work. The benefits include improved circulation and cardiovascular health; detoxification through sweat; pain reduction; muscle recovery; skin rejuvenation; improved immune system function and reduced stress hormone levels.