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Take a seat

Work in comfort with ergonomic chairs

Many people with a desk job will spend at least eight hours of a day sitting, and that’s not including the commute or time spent relaxing in front of the TV after a long day, which equates to forty hours a week. That’s a long time to be seated especially so if the chair you’re sat in isn’t fit for purpose, making those eight hours feel even longer than they are.

Poor office seating not only impacts your health but also your productivity. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Working at a desk is a common cause of back and neck pain. To alleviate this discomfort, we should all consider carefully our workspaces especially so, when it comes to a suitable chair for correct, well-aligned posture.

Correct posture and comfort are paramount for better concentration, energy and overall wellbeing. Most chairs are now designed to move with the shape of the body, promoting good posture and support. Sitting on any old chair can cause backache, neckache and poor concentration setting you up for potential health problems in the future. 

Ergonomic chairs have revolutionised the way we look at work furniture with ergonomists studying the human form and designing chairs that offer excellent back support, plus accessories as required. 

What to consider when buying a chair? 

Spine support
• Comfort
• Adjustability
• Accessories (headrest, armrests, lumbar pump, eg)
• Usage
• Material
• Cost versus longevity

If you’re looking for a quality chair for the office or home try SitSmart, the Tunbridge Wells-based ergonomic seat company offering a personal service, free trialling and fitting, competitive prices and a showroom open Monday to Friday. The showroom has a collection of ergonomically designed, stylish office chairs with a range of adjustments, colours and fabrics for all budgets, plus moulded chairs, saddle stools and 24-hour chairs, to ensure the back is being held in the right position. 

SitSmart has supplied many local and national businesses, including Network Rail, as well as supplying schools such as the Weald of Kent Grammar School, Tonbridge School for Boys and The Wells Free School. So put you, your employees or your family’s health first with a little bit of help from SitSmart!’