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The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber Shaving Club creates curated shaving boxes based around the luxurious single-bade and brush style of shaving. Their razors give a close and smooth shave, they’re easy to use, suitable for sensitive skin, and best of all – they’re plastic-free.

The Personal Barber The Personal Barber Safety Razor and Shaving Brush 6989972

With billions of disposable plastic razors thrown into landfill every year, their shaving kits are setting out to prove you can make a huge dent in your plastic footprint, without compromising on quality. 

The Personal Barber is the curated shaving discovery club that’ll turn your daily chore into a satisfying experience to look forward to.

They passionately believe that making the switch to a single-blade razor will change your whole outlook on shaving. Not only is it kinder on your skin so you can achieve a close shave without razor burn or rash, but there’s something very satisfying about using a single-blade that just isn’t felt from a modern, plastic, multi-blade razor. This is a switch to eco-friendly shaving, as their razors are plastic-free and the blades are 100-percent recyclable

In their shaving club you’ll be learning the art of the classic wet shave whilst getting to try a range of fantastic products to bring life to your morning routine. 

From gift subscriptions to one-off shaving kits, they offer a range of gift options to suit any budget. 


The Personal Barber The Personal Barber Feb March 20 Shaving Kit 39 95 6989965

The Personal Barber The Personal Barber Shaving Subscription First Box 24 95 6989946