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Weight Loss and Liposuction

We all want to have a perfect body. Being constantly bombarded by pictures of perfectly proportioned celebrities almost everywhere we look is making us more body conscious than ever. So, is there anything that can be done to help us achieve the perfect body? 

Liposuction was a cosmetic procedure first invented back in the 1970’s, since this time liposuction has developed so much that it has become one of the top five cosmetic procedures being carried out in today.

Where can Liposuction be performed?

● Abdomen
● Hips
● Legs
● Breasts
● Flanks
● Chin

Over time our bodies change. Whether it is a result of age, pregnancy, diet or changes in lifestyle, our weight can change no matter how hard we try to keep it off.

Did you know that once you have grown past your teen years, your bodies fat cells do not actually multiply? Surprisingly they stay the same for the rest of your life beyond this point. So whether you lose or gain weight as an adult, you do not lose or gain fat cells! The fat cells either fill up or flatten out like balloons!

Liposuction offers an ideal solution for people who are unable to get rid of fat in particular areas of their body, it helps to effectively remove stubborn areas of extra fat cells that feel diet and exercise resistant. 

What can happen if I gain weight after having Liposuction?

● The remaining fat cells can expand
● Fat can be stored in new places

Following liposuction, the change is more or less permanent. The fat cells removed by liposuction, do not grow back. This does not mean that you are immune from putting on weight for the rest of your life, it simply means your fat will be distributed elsewhere on the body. One thing all liposuction patients should try and avoid is weight gain after surgery, as no one is able to predict where the fat would be distributed throughout your body. Although a moderate amount of weight gain after liposuction will simply make the patient’s body a larger version of their new body shape.

Naturally as we age, we will produce natural changes in the shape of our bodies but the benefits of liposuction will always be apparent.

If you are someone wanting to complete your weight loss journey; or even just wanting to take a step in dealing with your bodies insecurities, then make sure you are aware of the risks and what could happen if you do not follow the tips given by your cosmetic surgeon. So make sure you take the right steps and time in achieving the body you desire!

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