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Ziver Organiques

Natural beauty without costing the earth

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Ziver Organiques is a young vegan beauty brand who are all about nature, and the beauty that comes from natural organic ingredients. You’ll not find any chemicals or environmentally damaging palm oil in their products.vulputate elaboraret ad. Et vix menandri argumentum.

Originally from Turkey, Tuna Yoney tells me of her childhood, and walking through the countryside, with her grandma, collecting chamomile flowers to make herbal teas, and infused oils. Fast forward twenty years and the cumulative world-shift in focusing on protecting the environment. The constant discussion of reducing plastic waste and reusability resonated with me,” says Tuna, and as you know the beauty industry is one of the heavy pollutants of singe use plastics.”


Tuna was in the corporate world for near two decades, suffering long hours and a stressful work environment – which was evidenced by her skin. I was constantly buying and trying out new products, but nothing worked. When I read the labels I understood why – the heavy chemicals used in these products were adding to the problem.”

After just a little research I learned that natural products are unsurprisingly biodegradable and goes back to nature. Natural active ingredients are already used by nature for a function. Synthetic does not. 

I undertook educating myself and completed a diploma in organic skincare formulation as well as an advanced diploma in organic cosmetic science. Then, in 2020, I began to design, formulate, and manufacture the products in my home.”

Tuna ingredients are mostly sourced from Turkey due to specific oils required in her formulas. She also works with local suppliers for specific British plant oils. Before I chose a supplier, I carefully review how their raw materials are manufactured and harvested. It needs to be picked apart to make sure the production methods used does not damage the environment and is totally sustainable.” 

Although small her product list is perfectly formed, and includes spicy bath salts, a range of gently scented candles, a natural deodorant that comes in a glass jar, and to help reduce acne and skin blemishes, a Dragons Blood facial mask. 

Their newest addition is a succulent organic lip care treatment balm that helps protect, repair, and revitalise chapped, dry lips, which comes in a handy sized travel jars. All supplied by re-usable cotton pouches to reduce waste and increase re-usability. And of course, the packaging and labelling are 100 percent biodegradable recycled paper. Each lip balm is made by hand, using an all-vegan recipe, and is full of all premium oils such as Rosehip, chia seed and Jojoba oils. It worked a treat on my permanently chapped lips within 24-hours. 

What’s not to love about their natural beauty without costing the earth’ philosophy? 

Written by Cindy-Lou Dale