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A Pool for Everyone

Easy Pool’s huge range of one piece pools range means that there is a shape and size to suit everyone. Gone are the days when building a pool meant having builders on site for weeks on end, not to mention delays caused by rain. Most pools in the range are completed in a week or two. Compare that to a concrete pool that can take months to complete, during which time your garden looks a mess. Pool sizes range from 4m to 12m with flat or sloped bases. There are currently short lead times as most models are in stock. Leisure Pools fibreglass swimming pools have a smooth, clean gelcoat finish that is non-abrasive.

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The gelcoat finish on a Leisure Pool not only looks great, it is also so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous, so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant. 

Leisure Pools offers an exclusive range of seven beautiful colours, each with its own sparkle and shimmer finish, ensuring you will be able to find the ideal colour to suit your home. 

Salt chlorinators, chlorine, freshwater systems and ozone systems all work wonderfully well with Leisure Pools fiberglass pools. Whatever your choice may be, it will be compatible. 

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Automatic safety covers comply with all EU regulations. Many pool owners have children or grandchildren or entertain friends with children. When owning a pool where kids will be playing, safety is a major concern. The side of a swimming pool can often be slick and hard to grasp for children. The safety ledge allows children to stand on the ledge and grasp the side of the pool. This can be helpful for children learning to swim and can provide parents with added peace of mind. 

If you are getting quotes, ask if a lifetime warranty is being provided on the structure of the swimming pool. At best with a concrete pool, you will get a seven-year warranty. Do you hope to have a pool for longer than that? Leisure Pools, the manufacturer, is so certain it builds the world’s best composite pool that it offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty on all swimming pools.

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