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Revolutionary Arch Enclosures: Elevating the Pool Experience

Let’s explore the remarkable features and advantages of these advanced and innovative pool enclosures.


One of the standout features of the Arch swimming pool enclosures is the side window panel, which consists of sliding windows with three versatile opening and ventilation options. These windows can be fully opened to dimensions of 2m x 2m, partially opened to 2m x 1m, or adjusted to provide a ventilation slot of 10cm in the middle. Each window is equipped with an internal lock, enhancing security and safety. The two-section design allows for independent opening of the top and bottom halves, ensuring a safety barrier against small children, pets, and debris while facilitating optimal ventilation.


Arch enclosures excel in providing year-round swimming comfort by effectively controlling the weather elements. These enclosures shield from wind, rain, and cold, allowing owners, family and friends to enjoy swimming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in a warm and safe environment. The polycarbonate panels used in the enclosures are 97% UV filtered, resulting in higher water quality with reduced chlorine breakdown and fewer chemical additives.


Safety is a top priority for Arch Enclosures and their pool enclosures are designed to ensure a secure swimming environment. The components, including structural aluminium sections and stainless steel, are maintenance-free and remain unaffected by chlorine and water vapour. The panelled polycarbonate, carries a ten-year warranty against yellowing, guaranteeing long-lasting quality. These enclosures meet the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind for pool owners.

As UK distributors for Abrisud swimming pool enclosures they offer a range of options for private, school, and commercial clients. The Arch enclosures can be bespoke made to fit any pool, with infinite width and length possibilities. Whether choosing a fixed or telescopic building, customers can expect maximum comfort with minimal maintenance. 

With Arch swimming pool enclosures, pool owners can elevate their swimming experience to new heights. Enjoy year-round swimming, enhanced safety, and minimal maintenance, all while relishing a custom-made design that perfectly suits individual needs. These advanced enclosures are backed by a 10-year guarantee and constructed by expert engineers on the client’s site. 

Bid farewell to expensive cleaning and heating costs and embrace the convenience and beauty of the Arch enclosures. Transform your pool into a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation.

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