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Stress-free kitchen renovations

We’ve all been burned before by home renovation projects not running to schedule or budget and the pain of the disruption at home that they can cause. But there is another way! Having your kitchen renovated is an important investment in your home and lifestyle, and there’s a simple process to ensure you not only get the most out of the experience but actually enjoy it too.

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Start with your wish list
Think about what does and doesn’t work in your current space. Are there any awkward spaces you don’t know what to do with? Are there any appliances or features you would just love to have? 

Research colour schemes, materials and design concepts to help identify the styles you’re most drawn to. 

Book a free design consultation
Armed with your research, wishlist and initial budget, book a free design consultation with a trusted local designer. 

Discuss the challenges you have with your current kitchen, your favourite design styles and your budget for the project. 

An experienced designer will guide you on whether your wishlist aligns with your budget. If your budget isn’t going to deliver your whole wishlist, don’t worry, they will offer alternative options and solutions to help you achieve your dream kitchen at the right price.

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Trust the design process
You may have a strong vision of what you want you want your new kitchen to look like but trust the design process to help you see what will really suit your space. Your designer will guide you on how to achieve the look you want in your home and will also offer other ideas and solutions for you to consider. 

So enjoy the creative process; you might just end up with something even better than you imagined!

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Don’t try to project manage everything yourself
Trying to manage the build schedule and all the different tradespeople is time-consuming and challenging, especially if your kitchen is part of a bigger building project.

For a project to run smoothly and on time, you need; a great designer, reliable builders, skilled kitchen fitters, an electrician, a plumber, a worktop templating team and the decorators, all scheduled at the right stages before and during the installation.

Save on time, money and disruption by working with an experienced business that will manage the entire project for you as standard. 

Using trusted, local expertise will ensure your new kitchen renovation is stress-free and delivers everything you envisaged and more. 


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