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The Resurgence of Architectural Canopies and Porches

Looking back through history, many architects and builders chose to include grand entrances on houses by adding porches, porticos and canopies. At some point, however, this stopped and instead houses were built with simple doorways that meant that doors were no longer covered. In recent years homeowners, fed up of getting wet whilst standing at their front doors, have taken inspiration from history and chosen to add these architectural features onto their homes.


The Zinc and Copper Canopy Company (ZAC) have built a reputation manufacturing some of the most ornate and stylish modern solutions giving homeowners the chance to add back the grandeur to their front entrances. From canopies to porches and verandas, the frames and metalwork made by ZAC’s solutions are built from steel and the roofs of the canopies are clad in either zinc or copper. This means their canopies are strong, lightweight and easy to install. Their design also means the can cleverly work on almost all substrates and work well with all types of architecture.

Cambridge Veranda 123

ZAC’s tinsmiths and metal fabricators skilfully manufacture every component of the canopies, porches, and verandas by hand. Both zinc and copper are two of the most environmentally sustainable metals used in the building industry. Their physical versatility means they are the ideal materials for cladding canopies as they can be curved and formed, giving them extreme strength and enabling stunning designs to be created.

The metal frames, also manufactured by hand using traditional skills, are meticulously cut, bent and curved to form the different parts of the framework before being welded, sanded and powder-coated.

Belgravia rad

As everything is done by hand, the attention to detail means everything that leaves the factory is of the highest standard.

With over 40 years combined experience in metalwork and roofing, Peter and Arthur launched ZAC in 2017 in their factory in Croydon, Surrey. Their aim was to develop a range of bespoke hand-crafted porches, canopies and verandas that could be tailored to their customer’s individual needs. They and their workforce are dedicated to delivering excellence.

Belgravia Portico on a Georgian Period Property 1