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Transforming Homes with First Image UK: The Rise of Oak Framed Buildings

With all the current TV programmes about now encouraging us to re-invent our homes rather than move, First Image UK has seen a surge in enquiries for people wanting to do just that. Whether it’s a small project like installing a home office in the garden, upscaling a tired garage or adding an orangery or garden room to a complete make-over or even a new build house all can be done in oak. 

Pool house

First Image UK based in East Sussex has joined forces with Midlands based Albion Oak to create a partnership in the creation of Oak framed buildings.

Martin Sealey the director of First Image UK is from Warwickshire and he and Andy Keeling director of Albion Oak have known each other for many years. Both have an impressive portfolio of work and both share a passion for Oak design and high-quality workmanship.

We specialise with working closely with the client to understand their requirements and quite often find that what we can design and build often exceeds their expectations and the satisfaction we get from not only the finished results but also the amount of joy it gives our clients is immeasurable. We literally transform how people live and use their homes.


For example; One of our clients lives in a grade 2 listed property with very small rooms and a growing family, with no additional guest rooms and planning to attach to the house refused by the local council he looked at other options. After successfully getting permission to build on the garden we designed and built a stunning Oak Framed pool house which will sit in front of the swimming pool.

The Oak building blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings of the garden and consists of a bedroom, shower room with a mezzanine loft which can double up as a sleeping area, a large entertaining area with double bi-folding doors which open onto a stretch of patio surrounding a beautiful swimming pool. This substantial building now allows for guests to stay and their children’s friends to have sleepovers all in very plush surroundings. It has enhanced the main house and has added considerable value to the property. It sits proudly on its own without being offensive and as the Oak ages and silvers over time it will definitely compliment the grade 2 listed main house. This addition to the family home has literally transformed how they now use the spaces they have and has enabled them to be more versatile with their entertaining and lifestyle.


First Image UK together with Albion Oak can help you recognise your dreams and make them happen; we can help you live a better life.

Together we have now launched an off the shelf way of buying – by logging into our websites you can pick and choose from many varied designs of garages, home offices/studios and orangeries see examples of different roof finishes and different sized buildings. If you don’t see what exactly matches your requirements then our design team can work with you to create the perfect match. We can provide Oak framed buildings in kit form to standard and bespoke designs, ready to be installed by ourselves or our customers. It’s as easy as that, and if you need help on the internals then our interior designer Deborah Sealey is on hand with her expert knowledge to make a wow feature of the interior space.

Full house

Oak Framed buildings are a fantastic and visually beautiful way to expand and enhance your property. 

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