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Beautiful and bespoke handcrafted beds

Have you ever considered owning a bed that was both gorgeous and original, yet at the same time built to last? A one-off quality build based on your own ideas, and handcrafted by a skilled artisan to the highest specifications possible? Then Deansoak is the company that can deliver on this vision for you.

Who are Deansoak?
Based in Ticehurst, just south of Bewl Water, Deansoak cover the local regions of Sussex, Kent and throughout the south of England. This company completes totally bespoke commissions that result in unique beds and decorative pieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary, original designs.

How they work
Once you contact Deansoak about having a bed built they will try to arrange a home visit to see the setting that the bed will be placed in, so as to get a better feel for the design and construction of your project, not to mention the colouring of the wood to be used. Deansoak feel this is an important part of the process because this way they are able to fully understand client’s needs and are then able to discuss exactly what sort of bed is desired, and see how it can be built to achieve the very best effect possible. 

The beds
These beds are a fusion of traditional handcrafting methods and modern designs. The company use 400-year-old air-dried French Oak as the preferred choice of wood, although special requests can also be discussed. Built-in custom lighting can even be incorporated into the design of your bed, which is popular with many customers and adds something different to the finished article. A name, date and a serial number are given to every single piece that we manufacture in order to ensure authenticity for the future.

Decorative pieces also available
And it’s not just handcrafted beds that Deansoak complete for our clients, as they can also have artistic pieces laser-cut from a variety of different materials, such as brass, copper or stainless steel. These decorative pieces are tasteful and well-suited to adding that final touch of class to your bedroom setting.

Reasons to try Deansoak
• There is a completely reliable service that fully understands customer’s needs.
• Superb value for money is guaranteed when you have a bed commissioned. 
• Reclaimed pieces of furniture can be powder coated or wet coated, to add new life to the piece
• Personal delivery and home assembly of all beds is included in the service
• A removal service is also available if you are moving house. 

You can contact Dean Felton with any enquiries, and bring your dream bed to life!
Telephone: 01580 200816 or 07802433626