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November in the garden is traditionally the time for having bonfires, pruning the deadwood and generally readying things for the onset of winter. Worthy and necessary work though this is, I am of the school of thought that whilst acknowledging we have my least favourite season to endure, now is a good time to focus on the coming year.

The ability to take refuge in dreaming up potentially life changing projects for your garden that can improve the quality of your leisure time is something I freely admit to. It definitely gets me through some of the dark and depressing nights. I’ve indulged in fantasies of redesigning planting areas and decks and have imagined pergolas that transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. Thoughts of these projects can act as a glimmer of hope or a beacon at the end of the wintery tunnel of gloom.

So here is something new from Jacksons that could be the inspiration for your very own spring project – The Curve is a beautifully simple structure, that curves from left to right – there’s no need for posts in this seemingly gravity defying garden shelter.The generous interior space is big enough to set up a dining area, leaving ample room for a relaxing seating zone (approx 5m x 3m x 2.2m high). 

The startling effects produced by sunlight glowing through the horizontal slats creates a magical ambience. Imagine illuminating the curves at night with LED strips to create a dinner party to remember. The possibilities of how to use this unique outdoor space are endless, and it has the added benefit of having a clear polycarbonate sheet attached to the panels making it shower-proof.

You can find out lots more about the Curve and its little sister, the Demi-Curve, by going to your dedicated page: www​.jack​sons​-fenc​ing​.co​.uk/​a​s​h​f​o​r​d​local

There are also full details on our Beat the Spring Rush” special offer there too – Place your order this winter, have it delivered on a date specified by you and we will give you half price delivery. Just think, then you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have got ahead of the curve, by beating the rush this spring – sorry, I had to get the curve reference in somewhere! 

For info on any of Jacksons products or brochures call 0800 408 4754 to talk to your local Jacksons Fencing Centre.

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