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Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer, has launched a significant innovation in digital glass printing on their wetroom panels – it is an exclusive technology to Roman.

Roman’s breakthrough on digital glass printing has been achieved due to a collaboration of technologies with digital print specialists Dimax.

Roman has initially launched Decem Expressions with three glass design options – Distressed Brick; Glass Blocks; and a Rainforest image. Whilst these three are on trend’ and designated for the higher end of the interior design led retail bathroom market, the process lends itself perfectly for the project market. Designers can now easily link up other design themes through a Project directly onto a larger and visible position within the bathroom and there are no restrictions on colour or resolution.

Unlike all current printed glass this new technology allows the images to be printed directly on to the glass, whilst all other areas of the glass remain transparent and crystal clear. The colours can be directly printed on glass, due to the specific thermos-procedure, where prints get adhesive.

This unique digital printing process also provides the option of a Satinato finish, which was not digitally possible before. Roman can control the colour and level of opaqueness desired on the glass design.

Importantly this digital glass printing is both water resistant and protected against abrasion, which makes it ideal to use in the bathroom. Previously, water resistant digital print on glass could only be achieved by using a difficult adhesion process.
Roman will provide a lifetime guarantee with the digital glass printed wetroom panels as they do with all their shower enclosures, wetroom panels and bath screens. This is sure to give the customer complete peace of mind when purchasing a Roman product.
In order to assure quality, regular Cross Hatch Tests are conducted and documented to prove the durability of prints and they are CE marked.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: We are thrilled to be the first company in the bathroom industry to bring this new digital glass printing technology to wetroom panels. It gives a whole new dimension to creating your own unique individual bathroom space.” 

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