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by Aspect County

After showing you some lovely customer projects over the last few months, to help inspire you with your own garden projects I thought that it was high time I showed you something tempting from the Jacksons range.

This month it is something suitably summery that may capture your imagination and make you keen to have something like it in your own outdoor space. I think this may be it; we created the Retreat shelter a couple of years ago, it was inspired by a structure in one of our Jacksons show gardens (The Sanctuary Garden by Joanne Winn). It was a simple garden shelter with a back, one side and a roof, that had the option of having a polycarbonate covering to make it a bit more shower proof – pretty handy with our typical British summers. 

One of the bonuses with the standard, single unit Retreat, is the size; it’s not massive with a modest footprint of roughly 3.3m wide by 1.9m, but as you can see that’s quite big enough to accommodate a four piece garden seating set, including a table. So it’s the sort of size that can nestle easily into a corner of a small courtyard or garden. However if you wanted to be more ambitious you can add to this standard Retreat by adding panels or doubling the depth.

If you wanted something bigger have a chat to the Jackson’s staff.

The original Retreat was designed with Venetian panels (simple horizontal slats) which looked great. This new version Retreat has new Woven panels which I think looks even better and creates wonderful light and shade effects when the sun shines through the panels. 

louise@​jacksons-​fencing.​co.​uk, www​.jack​sons​-fenc​ing​.co​.uk/​a​s​h​f​o​r​d​local or call 0800 408 4754 to talk to your local Jacksons Fencing Centre.

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