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by Aspect County

HFF Construction Ltd is a subsidiary of Hawkhurst Fish Farm; a beautiful fishery where you can look around to see examples of the work they carry out in a commercial capacity. Here you can see many fantastic features, all designed and constructed by the passionate team, including an 18 foot high waterfall, bridges, edging and planting programs. The centre is open 7 days a week, so feel free to take a visit!

If you have a lake or pond that needs renovation, or are looking to construct a new water feature, HFF Construction Ltd has the experience and capacity to turn your dreams into reality. From the early planning and design stages, to digging it out and then the finishing touches, HFF deliver outstanding customer service throughout the process to ensure that you end up with the perfect end product. Having completed countless wildlife ponds, water features and lakes, the team will be able to come up with a design that compliments and enhances your property and incorporates any ideas you have. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and machinery, HFF Construction Ltd can offer a reliable, efficient and cost effective service once the design has been agreed. Of course, for smaller ponds, their hardworking team will do it by hand!

For existing lakes and ponds, there is a great amount of work that can be completed to transform your garden and create a truly beautiful focal point. From draining and desilting, to installing a new liner and adding water features, HFF Construction Ltd has done it many times before. With great knowledge and experience, HFF Construction Ltd are experts at installing waterfalls, bridges, jetties, fountains and aeration systems, as well as renewing existing features such as edging and pumps. The list is endless as each lake and pond is unique!

Now more than ever, HFF Construction Ltd has completed many successful jobs with weed control and algae management, as the weather we have been having is the perfect condition for algae and weed to bloom. They have several options available depending on the type of weed and the size of the water. The best thing to do is get in touch so one of the team can come and have a look at the best way forward for you. 

Hastings Road, Hawkhurst, 
Cranbrook, TN18 4RT
Telephone 01580 753813