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Socialising in the sun

How to host the perfect Summer garden party 

Spending time in the sunshine with our loved ones is what makes the spring/summer months so special. The refreshing taste of your favourite cocktail, the warm air filled with the scent of grilled foods, the sound of laughter ringing out into the street – these are the memories we hold on to long after the sun retreats from our lives.

Many of these cherished moments are created at garden parties; a traditional event that sweeps the nation during those precious warmer months. Organizing such an event can be both stressful and time consuming – but fear not. Our Summer Garden Party Guide will tell you everything you need to know to host the most memorable garden party of the year.

Although your garden party will most likely begin during the day, the right lighting can ensure that your event transitions into the evening seamlessly. A combination of LED lights and candles will cast a warm and enchanting glow on the setting, creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. 

String the lights along the house or wrap them around any garden features you may have, such as fountains and fences. Meanwhile, candles can be placed in lanterns and scattered around the garden to light up every corner. 

For a relaxed get together, a barbeque or grill is usually the most suited option. For a more formal affair, a wide selection of nibbles and a sit down meal should be prepared for your guests.

If you need some inspiration, look to cultural dishes that families traditionally share at a table, such as curries, tapas, tacos or gumbo. These meals can often be cooked in a single pot, making it easy for you to prepare and serve to your guests.

The secret to picking the perfect theme for your garden party is taking inspiration from its setting. If your garden has been decorated in a particular style, build your party around it. If, for example, you have flowerbeds filled with a range of brightly coloured blooms, decorate your table with bright coloured fabrics, cushions and lanterns. Alternatively, if your garden furniture is modern, pick a few sleek pieces that will fit your minimalist style. By doing this, it will almost feel like the party is an extension of your home, creating an environment that your guests will naturally relax in. 

If you don’t have an obvious theme which you can build your party on, take inspiration from nature itself. Use neutral colours when setting up your seating and dining areas, and use flowers as your centerpieces.

The refreshments you serve can quickly make or break a successful garden party. Iced cocktails like mojitos and frozen margaritas are both refreshing and fun, making them perfect for particularly warm days. Otherwise, classic summer drinks such as wine, Pimm’s, cider and beer will never fail to keep your guests happy. 

While alcoholic drinks are often favoured at an English garden party, serving a fun and tasty alternative will ensure that all your guests are catered for. Some homemade lemonade flavoured with honey, lavender or chamomile is a delicious alternative to fruit juices, and will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. 

Most of all, enjoy your day, your friends and family and make the most the summer of 2017.