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The Venetian blind fence styles your garden

It’s quite hard to come up with new ideas for fencing. Panels do tend to fit into a fairly predictable format of a certain width, normally 1.8m wide with varying heights, and of course, if they are timber, which is more often than not the case, they are woody in appearance – we like wood, so that’s just fine. Our challenge is to come up with fresh ideas that will inspire our customers, giving them some new choices for their garden and other outdoor areas.

New Tartan panels looking pretty with summer planting

Hooray for some new additions to the already abundant and attractive range of fencing that we offer. And even if I say it myself, I think they are some winners in this new crop!

We’ve noticed that even though many of our customers prefer to stick with traditional types of fencing, like featherboard (AKA closeboard), there has been a sizeable swing towards the more modern and clean lined panels like our Venetian. In fact, this style has become so popular that we’ve found it has been imitated, I’d say in most cases rather poorly!

The first new panel to introduce you to is a variation on the Venetian theme; I just mentioned how popular they are, but I’d say the one drawback is its see-through tendency. It looks contemporary and sleek, complimenting the chic suburban garden beautifully. But when it comes to the balancing act of light versus privacy, the scales come down heavily in favour of light, and privacy is sacrificed!

So how do you get the stylish look of horizontal slats that still allows some air and light through, but doesn’t allow the neighbours a view of you baring your body to catch some rays? Answer: new Venetian Hit and Miss panels. They look as stylish as standard Venetian, but have another set of horizontal slats on the other side. These are fixed to cover the space between the slats on the first side. The slats alternate, in much the same way as hit and miss panels are made. Which means some air and light can still pass through, but the view through is obscured. Another big benefit is they are what we refer to as good both sides’ so you and your neighbours don’t have a view of rails, which can be a bone of contention.

The new Venetian Hit and Miss panel is on the right of the photo

I’m aware that I am only going have enough space to tell you about two of our lovely newbies’ here, so will save the other additions for another time, and tell you about my personal favourite; Tartan trellis, there it is at the top of the page, how pretty is that? I think it fits into the less is more’ school of design – by not putting a baton at every third spacing, we’ve created a pattern that looks really great. I’m amazed at how effective it looks. 

Enough said, I hope I’ve whetted your appetite, if you’d like to know more about these or other new products, go to your dedicated web page 

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