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Three ways to get the beachside chic look

Get inspired for summer 2020 by combining tropical and coastal decorating schemes.

Using a pastel colour palette and natural elements, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Fur​ni​ture​Choice​.co​.uk shares three simple waysto create this idyllic setting at home.

Pair white with pastels

A whitewashed colour scheme instantly creates a light and airy space, channelling the calming qualities of an idyllic seaside getaway. Match the white backdrop with pastel accents for a soft contrast that still retains a relaxed atmosphere.
Choose colours with a light and soft undertone to create a beach-inspired look at home,” Rebecca advises. For example, pair sage walls and palm print wallpaper with a white dining set as a fresh nod to tropical style. This colour scheme is light, fresh and sets a lively mood for entertaining. Meanwhile, choose blush pink in the bedroom as it exudes that carefree, playful touch that is synonymous with seaside chic. Use a white wooden bed as the anchor while layering the room with throws and cushions in pops of pink for added warmth and texture.” 

Decorate with natural accents

Creating a summer-inspired look at home would not be complete without incorporating natural elements. Bringing the outdoors inside is a calming way to reconnect with nature,” Rebecca says. With a grey sofa as the centrepiece, light oak or driftwood pieces as accents evoke the feeling of being by the beach with their raw, understated texture. Complete the look with rattan, jute and pampas grass accessories which add to the dreamy aesthetic thanks to their neutral, earthy qualities.”

Being by the beach is a sensorial experience, so it is important to take that aspect into account when decorating. Mixing materials such as wood with amber glass offers a welcoming contrast of different textures.

Amber glass accessories lend a warm, ethereal glow that strikes a fine balance between rustic and contemporary, especially when it’s matched with light wood tones,” Rebecca explains. Round off the look with indoor plants to purify the air and for that extra tropical touch.”

Emphasise wall panel details

Whether it’s tropical or coastal-inspired style, tap into the room’s details to establish a clean, curated space at home. For example, emphasise the texture of tongue and groove wall panelling as part of the bedroom backdrop.

Tongue and groove wall panelling makes a strong visual statement and prevents the décor from looking too flat when you combine it with white floorboards,” Rebecca says. Clean lines and a light, airy palette are staples of modern coastal style and creates a space that’s both stylish and functional. Contrast the panelling with a round mirror – its curves help to soften the edges while keeping the ambience chic and relaxed.